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David Adams, M.A., LLPC


I specialized in case management, helping children and families with diagnosis of ADHD, CONDUCT DISORDER, ANXIETY, ADJUSTMENT DISORDER, and other behavioral problems. I assist with social skill building and mild depression. I would appreciate the opportunity to help you with identify coping skills, working on interventions, and psycho-education on symptoms and community resources.

Chuck Archer, M.A., LLPC


When you choose counseling, you are taking the most important step: the first one. No matter how rough things may seem now, there's always a plan forward and I will do my best to help you find it. I welcome all age groups to be my clients. I specialize in working with school-age children and teens; I was a public school teacher for several years. Poor school attendance/performance, behavior problems, and bullying are just some areas where I have the most experience. I also utilize a variety of counseling strategies such as Person-Centered Counseling and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Take the first step, today!

Mina Bethel, M.A., LLMSW


We face many challenges and difficult times in our life and in those times we may need to ask for help. I believe in offering a safe and supportive space for all individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their life. Through a variety of techniques, including mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, I would gladly assist you in building the tools to work through whatever challenges you are facing.

Lisa Cardinale, PsyD, LLP, LMSW


I hold licensing as a psychologist and social worker, and believe in the power of psychotherapy and self-advocacy. I am open to working with children, adolescents, adults, older adults and couples. Areas of expertise include chronic pain and illness, depression, older adult disorders, grief and loss, parenting skills, trauma and PTSD, and domestic violence. Helping clients build a strong sense of self and self-worth is an amazing experience and honor. Through providing psychotherapy to clients, I hope to provide and foster a nurturing and safe environment.

Kelly Danielson, M.A., LMSW


It's my belief that every individual could use an unbiased support system to help them regain control of their life. Free yourself of the problems that hold you back from finding true happiness. All it takes is the desire for a better life and the right tools. Some areas may include problems communicating, difficulties relating to others, domestic violence and adjusting to life changes. You don't need to suffer alone. Transform your

life now!

Linda DuBay, M.A., LPC


You don’t need to earn love or happiness. You couldn’t be more deserving. I focus on building self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love in a non-judgmental environment. People spend so much time beating themselves up instead of building themselves up. Let go of the resistance (doubts, justifications) and allow your inner self to grow.

Jim Gadd, MAT, M.A., LLPC


My professional background and experience is broad and includes extensive training in multiple theoretical frameworks, methodologies and techniques which are evidence-based and meet the criteria for the professional standards for best practices in counseling, guidance, teaching and consulting. I have completed practicums/internships/workshops and a psychoanalytic- psychodynamic oriented fellowship program. Areas of specialty include endorsements in learning disabilities, emotional impairments and K-12 guidance counseling. I have two master’s degrees and post-graduate work credit awarded by Oakland University in special education, school and community agency counseling. I hold a State of Michigan Professional Counselor-Limited License. For over four decades I have facilitated children, adolescents and adults with multiple issues, such as underachievement, anxiety-fears, anger-rage, trauma, traumatic brain injury, depression, grief-loss, personality disorders, relationship issues, transitioning careers, cultural concerns, self-esteem,  spirituality-life purposefulness/hope, self-empowerment, and life coaching.

Jennifer Gillette, M.A., LMSW


I assist clients of all ages in individual/family, and group settings. I listen to what areas in your life are challenging you, we define where the root of your strain is, and then we develop strategies to help you meet your wellbeing goals. I have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, mainly oncology/transplant, which has allowed me the opportunity to work with all ages. I specialize in coping with chronic illness, crisis intervention, caregiver issues, grief/loss, and adolescent issues. My practice has allowed me to assist people in a multitude of life situations.

Marsha Gordon, M.A., LLPC


Life has its challenges.  Counseling can offer a much-needed, fact-based viewpoint and be an important action in discovering the peace needed during turbulent and unsure times in life. We can work together to identify problems and establish a plan to overcome those problems. Whether you are struggling with grief, depression, anxiety, marital issues, or need coping skills, I will work with you to regain emotional health.

Beth Jokisch, M.A., LLPC, NCC


We all face stressful life events that at times prevent us from achieving what we want most in our lives. My passion as your counselor is to help you through these times. Working together with the strengths you already have, the counseling process provides information, strategies and techniques to move you toward achieving personal goals and change.

Cindy Mitchell, M.A., LLPC


I am committed to walk beside individuals, couples and families while they find adjustment, wholeness and happiness in their lives. It is important to problem solve and find new coping skills as well as a new understanding in difficult situations. I specialize in grief and loss, divorce and marriage, family issues, anxiety and depression.  The groups I offer are marriage, divorce recovery, grief and loss, and trauma.

Sarah Mitchell, M.A., LMSW


I am a fully licensed social worker, graduated from Spring Arbor University. Life can be difficult to deal with and quite truly, be overwhelming at times. Whether you are dealing with the loss of a loved one or work has you worn down, I will walk through your life stresses with you by being a support system. My goal for you is to reach a place of confidence in yourself to be able to work through whatever life brings your way. I work with adults, adolescents, families and couples; focusing on issues such as grief and loss, self-esteem, anxiety and depression, dealing/understanding mental health diagnosis/symptoms, behavioral difficulties in school and/or home, divorce or separation, and difficulties in family/couple communications along with other mental health issues. Every individual has hope for a bright future and is able to accomplish whatever they put their minds to. If you are ready for change and would like someone to help you walk through that process, call me.

Stephen Nachtegall, M.A., LPC


I am passionate about helping my clients discover their full potential in life! My goal is to promote personal growth, healing, and restoration, as well as to learn new communication skills and coping strategies to deal with life's daily challenges. My approach includes unconditional positive regard, genuineness, and empathetic understanding as I focus on the best interest and welfare of my clients.

Randy Neary, M.A.C.P., LLPC


I am passionate about working with couples & individuals. I have specific training for marriage and premarital counseling at all stages of relationships. I also enjoy helping men. Due to my 25 years of pastoral ministry, I have experience with grief and loss. I combine my 25 years of pastoral ministry and my clinical training as a counselor to help anyone find help and healing. Each of us bear the image of God. With that, we have great potential and therapy helps all of us discover our potential.

Shavon Romita, M.A., LLPC


(Additional Languages include: Arabic and Chaldean) I believe clients come into counseling searching for empowering solutions, problem clarification and alleviation of stress on some level. Everyone has the opportunity to change when they are ready for change to happen. I am here to help and support you through this process. I work with adults, adolescents, families and couples; focusing on issues such as self-esteem, dealing/understanding mental health diagnosis/symptoms, behavioral difficulties in school and/or home, divorce or separation and difficulties in family/couple communication.

Dena Schwartz, LLMSW


I am a graduate of Wayne State University and hold a master’s degree in Social Work. As a graduate student, I was trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT incorporates many psychotherapeutic modalities such as dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, compassion-focused therapy, and mindfulness. I approach therapy from the person-in-environment perspective which takes into consideration the external factors that positively and negatively impact the client’s life. External factors include family dynamics, school, work, personal relationships, education, community, religion, and economics. Whatever you may be struggling with, my goal is to work with you to help you identify specific objectives and tasks that will help you achieve your goals. I see clients of all ages struggling with a variety of issues including: anxiety, depression, divorce, family and relationship issues, grief & loss, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and PTSD.

Mary Toupin, M.A., LPC, SCL, NCC


I have a range of professional experience spanning beginning of life issues through the challenges and adjustments of mid-life and on through end of life issues; spiritual, existential concerns. I have agency, education, and school counseling training with added Theology and Philosophy background. My professional approach is primarily relational, cognitive-behavioral, and brief solution-focused based on Catholic spiritual, philosophical and moral principles. Although Catholicism/Christianity is my world view, I also work with individuals for whom faith and religion is not a concern. My focus is primarily women’s issues (transition, midlife, parenting, anxiety, bariatric, grief, and relational), special needs, and Catholic/Christian Spirituality (meaning, crisis, purpose, and satisfaction).

Marilee Trombley, M.A., LPC


My experience lies in complicated grief and loss, which leads me to counsel many who have also experienced trauma. If you are seeking help... now is the time to act. Making that initial call can be so difficult, but let me and my incredible staff make you feel at ease and comfortable. You won't be disappointed!


Rose Russo

Office Assistant


Meghan Trombley

Facility Administrator, Biller and Security Officer


Carole Weaver

Medical Assistant



James T. Hansen, Ph.D.

Dana E. MacMillan, M.D.


Melissa Carafelli, FNP-BC

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