About Us

Commitment to Our Clients

•  Treat ALL individuals equally and with respect

•  Respect your confidentiality and privacy

•  Provide exceptional quality services

•  Affordable care

Commitment to Our Community

•  Promote good mental health

•  Provide collaboration, when needed, for the community

•  Provide emergency care for the community during a crisis

•  Provide educational material and other human services to

     individuals in need

Commitment to Our Staff

•  Promote continued education and certifications

•  Provide a safe, pleasant and productive work environment

•  Recruit extraordinary individuals with like-mindedness

Statement of Faith

Our love for serving and ministering to people of all creeds, nationalities, and walks of life resulted in the formation of Crossing Paths. We believe GOD has chosen us to share HIS goodness to everyone, to help the brokenhearted, and to liberate the captives who are bound. We proclaim that the Lord is our Counselor and Comforter, who gives beauty for ashes, oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for heaviness so that ALL may become like trees planted by the river that brings life and life abundantly.

Make a Difference

•  No one else has had YOUR experiences that led YOU to counseling. Our goal is to hear what YOU are saying in a setting free of

     guilt and judgment. We welcome everyone who desires to cross our path. We want to help understand where YOU are and where

     YOU want to be.

•  Be YOUR own success story! Life is for the living and sometimes we must purposefully choose to re-enter life again and again.

     You can do it and we want to help YOU!

Our History

Crossing Paths was established in 2016. We brought together a team of professionals who we feel bring light to dark places. Their accumulative years of experience and knowledge is unequal to those who serve around us. We chose a professional staff with extremely high standards of care and specialties. Owner, Marilee Trombley, has experience as a previous business owner. She strives to constantly improve the future of Crossing Paths. Marilee comes from a Charitable executive past, working with a hospital in Haiti. She also co-owned a large therapy office in Warren. She is a widow who has suffered tragedy but chose to move forward as a survivor.

General FAQs

Who provides the services? Exceptionally qualified and licensed individuals with the State of Michigan. All our staff’s licensing can be found on the following website:  https://w2.lara.state.mi.us/VAL/License/Search

Is my service confidential? In most cases, YES! We follow the national code of ethics for each profession. We will only break confidentiality in extreme cases where a client informs us they are considering harming themselves or someone else. Additionally, we would break confidentiality

if a client tells us there is a high risk of a serious crime.

Questions/Concerns? Crossing Paths strives to be customer-focused and responsive to your questions and concerns. If you have problems or are

not satisfied we want to hear from you. Please call the office and ask for Marilee at 586-884-4714.

Schedule a visit today!  586.884.4714