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Kelly Danielson, M.A., LMSW


It's my belief that every individual could use an unbiased support system to help them regain control of their life. Free yourself of the problems that hold you back from finding true happiness. All it takes is the desire for a better life and the right tools. Some areas may include problems communicating, difficulties relating to others, domestic violence and adjusting to life changes. You don't need to suffer alone. Transform your

life now!

Marsha Gordon, M.A., LLPC


Life has its challenges.  Counseling can offer a much-needed, fact-based viewpoint and be an important action in discovering the peace needed during turbulent and unsure times in life. We can work together to identify problems and establish a plan to overcome those problems. Whether you are struggling with grief, depression, anxiety, marital issues, or need coping skills, I will work with you to regain emotional health.

Beth Jokisch, M.A., LLPC, NCC


We all face stressful life events that at times prevent us from achieving what we want most in our lives. My passion as your counselor is to help you through these times. Working together with the strengths you already have, the counseling process provides information, strategies and techniques to move you toward achieving personal goals and change.

Mary Loria, M.A., LLPC, CAS


At times, life can be stressful and become overwhelming. Sometimes we need a helping hand to remind us that we have the ability and strength to resolve our own dilemmas. I enjoy encouraging and assisting clients in finding their own inner peace and resolving their struggles. I specialize in working with children and adolescents. I am certified in play therapy and have also done art and music therapy with children and adolescents.

Cindy Mitchell, M.A., LLPC


I am committed to walk beside individuals, couples and families while they find adjustment, wholeness and happiness in their lives. It is important to problem solve and find new coping skills as well as a new understanding in difficult situations. I specialize in grief and loss, divorce and marriage, family issues, anxiety and depression.  The groups I offer are marriage, divorce recovery, grief and loss, and trauma.

Shavon Romita, M.A., LLPC


(Additional Languages include: Arabic and Chaldean) I believe clients come into counseling searching for empowering solutions, problem clarification and alleviation of stress on some level. Everyone has the opportunity to change when they are ready for change to happen. I am here to help and support you through this process. I work with adults, adolescents, families and couples; focusing on issues such as self-esteem, dealing/understanding mental health diagnosis/symptoms, behavioral difficulties in school and/or home, divorce or separation and difficulties in family/couple communication.

Marilee Trombley, M.A., LPC


My experience lies in complicated grief and loss, which leads me to counsel many who have also experienced trauma. If you are seeking help... now is the time to act. Making that initial call can be so difficult, but let me and my incredible staff make you feel at ease and comfortable. You won't be disappointed!


Meghan Trombley


Robyn Giles, Billing Specialist



Dana E. MacMillan, M.D.

James T. Hansen, Ph.D.


Markita Thompson, DNP

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