Welcome to Crossing Paths Christian Counseling.

No one else has had your experiences that led you to counseling.  Our goal is to hear what

you are saying in a setting free of guilt and judgment.  We welcome everyone who desires to

cross our path and help understand where you are and where you want to be.


No one person wins in divorce, but at times it is necessary. Learn how you may be affected in a separation/divorce. Get the unconditional support you need with an experienced counselor. Even if you are thinking about separation, sometimes it’s nice to have someone to share your thoughts. Our counselors will help you see beyond the hurt/pain that sometimes blinds us and causes us to make decisions based on confusion. Let us help you rebuild or restore through reconciliation or divorce care.

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Addictions come in many forms. Today many of us find ourselves addicted to our electronics. There is no limit to addictive behaviors such as food, shopping, gaming, drugs, electronics, alcohol, sex and much more. We have the staff that will help you gain control again. Learn about triggers and boundaries while we explore the purpose of your addiction in a non-judgmental environment. Cindy Parks, LPC has additional training to help those with driver license restoration.

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Mentoring can help youth as well as adolescents and adults through challenging life transitions. Benefits include increased self-esteem, healthier relationships and lifestyle choices, improved behavior, improved interpersonal skills, increased patience and improved coping skills. In addition, it is reported that "mentoring has the likelihood of decreasing drug and alcohol use". (MENTOR, 2009; Cavell, DuBois, Karcher, Keller, & Rhodes) We have gifted, licensed clinicians ready to help you deal with stressful changes at home or work. Our goal is to help you own your past decisions and move forward making wise, thought-out choices.

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After losing a loved one, we realize that our Plan A turned into Plan B. You can stay with Plan A, fearing that life as it was must stay the same. But most of us will then experience grief trauma and the symptoms are expressed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Plan B is the unnatural path, but the one we must accept to reduce grief symptoms. Let’s meet on the path and face the symptoms together. It’s not an easy path, but it is a healthy way to grieve your loss.

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